EVP Sales and Marketing, Partner

With over 20 years of industry experience, Suzana employs focused data-backed analysis to deliver value and success for her diverse client base at MLA. An analytics tactician, Suzana’s strategic project mapping is all-encompassing. In overseeing sales, project marketing, customer care, and advisory teams, her ability to distill the data and drive decisions, be forward thinking and nimble in an ever-changing landscape makes her a crucial ally in the property marketplace. Suzana continues to inspire new innovative business models in the Canadian real estate industry and has overseen the sales of over 20,000 homes. Joining the Women of Urban Development Institute (W-UDI) in 2017, participating in the UDI Education Committee, U40 Mentorship program and now sitting as Chair of Women of UDI, she relishes in helping to guide and teach other young business leaders.