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MLA Canada is making space for a new generation of homebuyers. Collaborative and customer-obsessed, we are a multidisciplinary real estate sales and marketing agency striving to accelerate project reach for our clients and transform homeownership for individuals. We believe the future of real estate is fundamentally human. With relationships at our foundation, our team creates sales platforms of influence for boutique developments to mixed-use masterplan communities. In shaping the physical environment of our cities, we are passionate about more than the skyline. We’re building storied neighbourhoods and connecting to homebuyers in a more meaningful way.

MLA Canada is committed to helping end homelessness by raising funds to build 3D printed communities in the world together with the World Housing Organization. JOIN US.


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Development Lifecycle

Efficient Marketing. Accelerated Sales.

Building on decades of experience and partnerships across the industry, we oversee every stage of the development lifecycle. We strategize laterally across specialized teams, enabling seamless integration of Core Services for the projects we champion.




Our intimate market knowledge and sophisticated investment analysis will inform your acquisition, driving you towards a successful result.


From supporting the development application process to influencing compelling design, we advance your development into a highly marketable product.


With a comprehensive understanding of buyers and the market, we design, orchestrate, and manage a marketing program tailored to your unique development.

Sales & Lease-Up

Through extensive training and management programs, our world-class, multi-tiered sales approach has been honed to generate sales beyond expectation.


As your vision unfolds into reality, we pro-actively manage sales and continue to work tirelessly through flawless collaboration with vendors and communication with homebuyers.


A smooth transaction strengthens the relationship between developer and buyer throughout the completion process, generating a positive experience and future brand equity.

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