March 10, 2022 A Complete Homebuyer’s Resource


Any new homebuyer knows that the purchasing process can be time consuming and overwhelming. Navigating legal matters, insurance details, mortgages and moving is often unnecessarily strenuous. To support pre-sale homebuyers right from the start, MLA Canada created MLA Complete, a customer-focused, convenient platform that has been engineered to simplify the completion process for home buyers.  


A digital platform that helps homebuyers transition into their pre-sale home, MLA Complete offers quality partnerships which include services for mortgages, legal, insurance, property management and moving with a customized approach to each buyer and their needs. Essentially, MLA Complete brings together home completion services into one, easily accessible spot. The customer representatives for MLA Complete will listen to your individual situation and needs, then will translate that story for each vendor on the platform so that any service provider has your full information before they reach out. This eliminates the need to tell your story repeatedly.  They will connect you to the best partners in the industry, carefully chosen by experienced professionals, and can provide you with preferred rates for all.  


The services MLA Complete’s representatives can refer you to include professionals in the financial, legal, insurance and moving spaces. Your first stop will likely be to a mortgage broker, as consumers are increasingly using brokers to access better rates with more customizable products. MLA Complete partners with Nest Mortgage, who specializes in managing your borrowing goals from start to finish with over 200 banks and lenders at their fingertips. 

Taking care of the legal side of any home purchase, Deeded lets you close your home virtually. Leveraging the latest technology and a friendly, experienced team Deeded allows you to complete the entire closing process from the comfort of your home or office. No longer do you have to visit the lawyer's office to sign papers or wade through confusing legal contracts. 

Once a home is purchased, insurance is required. HUB International is MLA Complete’s choice for insurance, as they have a full range of coverage along with platform discounts and financing options to fit your individualized needs. When the time comes, you can settle into your new home, knowing what matters most to you is protected. 

Finding a new home is exciting – until it’s time to move. Moving day is often stressful, exhausting and expensive. MLA Complete partners with You Move me to smooth out the kinks in every home transition. Their long-term staff are trained to ensure your moving experience is friendly, efficient and safe. They charge in 15-minute increments and have no hidden fees or shortcuts. 

MLA Complete offers a full line of services that make your home buying process easy, convenient and simple. You can use any or all of these services to get started with peace of mind. For more information on the platform and its services, reach out to an MLA Canada team member, talk to a Sales Centre representative, or visit the MLA Complete website.