March 28, 2024 Alberta Real Estate Investment is a Beacon of Opportunity


Alberta's real estate landscape is sitting at the forefront of Canadian investment opportunities. With Calgary steering toward diversified and stable growth, moving away from the cyclic boom-and-bust of the past, the province shines as Canada's brightest light in real estate investment. A combination of factors, including a significant influx of population from provinces like British Columbia and Ontario, has positioned Alberta, and particularly Calgary, as a place of potential.  

The city boasts purchase prices significantly lower than those in other metropolitan areas across Canada, coupled with higher rental rates, making it a prime location for investors. With a vacancy rate of a mere 1.4% and devoid of rent control, Calgary presents a real opportunity. After witnessing a 12% increase in prices year over year and a 37% surge in transaction volume, the timing couldn't be better to explore this burgeoning market. 

Big Benefits to Buying in Alberta 

Investing in Alberta comes with a strong stack of advantages that contribute to its appeal: 

  1. No property transfer tax: Unlike other Canadian provinces that impose a property transfer tax—which can substantially inflate the cost of home buying—Alberta offers cost efficiency with no such tax, presenting a significant saving right from the start. 
  2. No rental restrictions: The province's liberal approach to short-term rentals, free from the heavy regulations seen elsewhere, offers property owners the flexibility to capitalize on their investments through platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. 
  3. No rent control: The absence of rent control in Alberta allows landlords to adjust rent in line with market conditions, potentially leading to higher incomes and incentivizing property maintenance and upgrades. 
  4. Lowest property taxes in Canada: Alberta's competitive edge is further sharpened by having the lowest property tax rates in the country, enhancing the affordability and attractiveness of property ownership. 
  5. Dynamic population growth: Calgary's population boom, with 62 new residents per day, underscores the strong demand for housing. This influx, primarily from other provinces, has spurred a robust growth trajectory for the city and province at large. 

Where Luxury Meets Opportunity in Downtown Calgary's Real Estate Market 

Lincoln Rendering
Rendering of Lincoln Exterior

With the demand showing no sign of slowing down, now is the right time to capitalize on the growing market. Developments are coming online and quickly getting snapped up. One such project is Lincoln by trusted developer Truman Homes, currently in the pre-construction stage with early entry pricing now available. 

Situated in the heart of Downtown Calgary, Lincoln is a beacon of luxury living and contemporary elegance. This concrete tower holds 274 units across 36 storeys, offering a range of one- to three-bedroom homes equipped with luxurious finishings and a choice of two stunning colour palettes. The tower has a treasure trove of amenities, featuring 21,000 square feet of space dedicated to a pool, bowling alley, golf simulator, gym, VR fitness room, lounge, yoga, kids' area, and more.  

The project’s allure is magnified by its limited-time and very generous VIP incentives, which include: 

  • Three years of complimentary condo fees 
  • A three-year rental guarantee 
  • Three years of expert property management service by Empire 81, at no cost 
  • $20,000 worth of upgrades at no additional cost such as a panelled fridge, full-height quartz kitchen backsplash, painted ceilings, and a 10mm ensuite shower door 
  • No assignment fee (valued at $10,000) 
  • A complimentary Hassle-Free Exit listing service on MLS post-closing 

Those who commit to purchasing in Lincoln and choose the 20% deposit option, stretched out over 450 days, will also receive the added benefit of an included parking stall and storage locker. These incentives, combined with the project's strategic location and architectural beauty, make it an attractive proposition for both investors and residents seeking luxury and convenience in Calgary's vibrant core. 

Alberta's real estate market stands out for its combination of affordability, investment opportunities, and lifestyle amenities. Projects like Lincoln exemplify the kind of high-quality developments that are driving interest in the province, and the obvious upsides to investing in Calgary.  

The housing shortage, driven by population increase, has birthed vibrant markets for presale and rental properties, presenting lucrative opportunities for investors. As Alberta continues to grow and attract new residents, the opportunities for real estate investment are expected to expand, making it a wise choice for those looking to invest in Canada's future.