January Real Estate Market Data & Insights "Although January numbers are low, the presale market is gearing up for a full February, and active Spring market as many of the projects that were paused in 2019 and 2020 are starting to be released. The single-family and townhouse markets will remain
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The Virtual Homebuying Experience in 2021

1 week ago
How you’ll use Interactive online tools to buy your home remotely Just over a year ago, the process of deciding on and buying a home would primarily be in-person. Online aspects of this process were mainly found at the beginning, such as viewing photos or video tours of homes. More interactive and
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A Fighting Chance

2 weeks ago
The Real Estate Intelligent interview series features BC’s most prolific professionals shaping the local real estate industry. An Interview with Doug Allan CPA, CA, VP Finance and Operations, Burrard Properties, Author and Founder, A Fighting Chance Finance What would you have done with your first
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Rural Markets to Thrive as Shift in Buyer's Values Demand Space

2 weeks ago
The past year has been like no other — some individuals have struggled and others have celebrated. But regardless, 2020 will certainly be remembered by all. In real estate, one interesting development to come out of the pandemic has become a search for additional living space, due to people spending
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First-Time Home Buyer?

3 weeks ago
Pre-Sale Options for First-Time Home Buyers In 2021, it might be one of the most unique and exciting times in recent history to be shopping for a first home in the Lower Mainland. The wide-scale adoption of remote work culture is decreasing the need to live near the city core. With mortgage rates at
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Technology at the Forefront

4 weeks ago
Technology at the Forefront of Real Estate's Future The health pandemic fundamentally impacted how the real estate industry conducts its business. Many were left having to adapt to learning new technologies and digital marketing tactics became at the forefront of engaging target audiences. RW
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Optimism and Alternatives for Millennial Real Estate Investors

1 month ago
In Canada, and especially in B.C., real estate surprisingly but easily proved that it’s pandemic-proof. Over the last few years, real estate unaffordability has become an increasingly hot topic, especially for millennials now in a property-buying demographic. The difference is that many millennials