MLA Canada, Doing our Part to Fight Covid-19



The safety and wellness of our staff and customers is paramount as we continue to fight Covid-19. Below please find information on how we are doing our part to fight Covid-19 and provide a safe and thoughtful experience for our customers:


  • All staff who are feeling unwell are asked to stay home, and not enter any Presentation Centre if they suspect having any potential symptoms or known exposure to Covid-19.  Additionally, any staff member who begins to feel unwell while at a Presentation Centre will be asked to return home immediately and the Presentation Centre will be closed for cleaning.
  • Proper handwashing protocols, as detailed by Health Canada, are to be observed at all times for any staff working within our Presentation Centres 
  • All staff are asked to observe physical distancing from other staff while working within the Presentation Centre when it is required to have more than one staff member at a time.


  • Appropriate cleaning supplies, as well as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer have been provided to all  MLA Canada project presentation centres.
  • All hard surfaces within the Presentation Centre and Display home, including but not limited to model tables, touchscreens, light switches, door handles, cabinets pulls etc will be cleaned prior to appointments commencing for the day and before and after every appointment throughout the day 
  • For all presentation centres offering regular private appointments, additional cleaning service arrangements have been made



Interactive home tours through MLA Live are offered on all MLA Canada projects. We encourage customers to experience our Interactive Home Tour before scheduling any in person private appointment. This will allow us to reduce your in-person appointment time in the presentation centre while still providing you the opportunity to view our homes and ask questions with a knowledgeable Sales Associates.  

  • A limited number of gloves and masks are available on all MLA Canada projects for use of an in-person private appointment as needed.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of all of our MLA Canada presentation centres as well as other key locations throughout the centre.
  • We kindly ask that presentation centre washrooms temporarily be dedicated to staff and will not be available to the general public.  
  • Physical distancing guidelines as outlined by Health Canada, will be practiced at all times within our presentation centres with visitors and staff 
  • All presentation centres will limit appointments to one group at a time, to allow us to practice proper physical distancing 
  • For display homes that have confined spaces, Sales Associates will limit the number of guests touring at any given time to ensure that physical distancing measures can be practiced. In the event that families attend a showing together, parents may need to make arrangements to have one adult watch children while another adult views the space to ensure proper distancing can be practiced.  
  • Our presentation centres and display homes must remain as hands off tours, this means that visitors are asked to refrain from touching sales collateral and display items during their visit. This includes opening and closing doors, operating touchscreens, electronics etc. Digital copies of project information will be provided.
  • In the event a contract is written, we will offer to execute contracts digitally and a virtual signing appointment can be arranged  
  • Deposit collection at almost all MLA Canada projects can be managed with physical distancing in mind such as direct deposit, wire transfer, etc. Please speak to the project Sales Associate to confirm.

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Prior to your appointment you will receive an email from our Sales Associate outlining the specific safety measures including these and others for that project and it will be reviewed upon your arrival.

We are doing our utmost to follow Health Canada Guidelines to ensure a safe and physically distanced sales experience for your comfort and safety and thank you for your cooperation and support.