April 23, 2024 April 2024 Trending Topic: The Impact of Population Targets on Rental Rates


The April 2024 edition of the Presale Pulse Trending Topic delves into the complex landscape of Canadian government policies and their impact on the real estate market, particularly focusing on rental dynamics. Hosts Suzana Goncalves and Brittany Reimer welcome special guest Shayna Macquisten, EVP of Sales and Marketing at MLA Canada. Together, they explore recent policy shifts, such as immigration targets and restrictions on temporary residents, and their implications for rental affordability and market dynamics. 

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The conversation highlights the multifaceted nature of the housing crisis, emphasizing the need for comprehensive policies to support population growth while addressing infrastructure, healthcare, and budgetary challenges.

Despite efforts to increase rental supply and streamline development processes, the discussion underscores the persistent demand for affordable housing and the long-term nature of solutions in tackling rental affordability. Through insightful analysis and thoughtful dialogue, the episode provides valuable insights for real estate professionals and stakeholders navigating the evolving landscape of Canadian real estate.


  • Intro (0:00) 
  • New Immigration Policies (1:15) 
  • Immigration Sentiment (2:25) 
  • New Policy Announcements (3:20) 
  • Rental Insights (3:50) 
  • Government Support (5:25) 
  • Closing (8:50) 


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