August 21, 2023 August 2023 Trending Topic: A Global Discourse on Housing Affordability


In this month's Trending Topic, Ryan Lalonde, Brittany Reimer and Suzana Goncalves address the intricate challenge of housing affordability. The issue of housing affordability is a pressing concern, particularly in Vancouver, where the price-to-income ratio for housing has escalated, making home ownership and rent increasingly difficult to attain within reasonable timeframes. The lack of affordable housing options, coupled with supply and demand imbalances, presents a formidable obstacle. 

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The multifaceted conversation on affordability requires a nuanced approach, where local conditions and definitions play a pivotal role. Reassessing single-family zoning and diversifying housing options are crucial components of the solution. Addressing exorbitant municipal fees, enhancing transit systems, leveraging technology, and fostering creativity in construction also hold promise. International examples shed light on innovative policies, such as Singapore's public housing model, Germany's upzoning efforts, Austria's successful housing system, and Premier David Eby's comprehensive Homes For People action plan. Collaborative efforts between the private and public sectors are imperative to forge a path toward a more affordable housing landscape, underlining the complexity of this ongoing discussion.


  • Intro (0:00) 
  • Current State of Affordability (1:00)
  • New Definition of Affordability (2:50)
  • A Comprehensive Approach (3:45)
  • Affordability Around the World (8:20) 
  • Closing (10:30) 


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