October 19, 2023 Fostering Connections: MLA Canada is on Redbook & WeChat


If you know about the Vancouver Real Estate Market, you are likely also aware of how culturally diverse the buyer demographics are. This presents several opportunities to interact with audiences in a meaningful way. One of the most significant audiences is the local Chinese community. However, effectively engaging with and understanding this audience’s distinct cultural nuances often presents a unique set of challenges. 

To close this gap, MLA Canada has established a presence on two influential Chinese social media platforms: WeChat and Redbook and is creating content specifically designed for our Chinese audience. By developing this vibrant community, we hope to create meaningful real estate experiences while delivering unmatched value to our audience and our clients. 

Establishing an MLA Realtor Community 

The demographics of our following on these platforms are diverse, ranging from aspiring homeowners to seasoned real estate professionals. The platforms themselves attract different demographics. WeChat can be likened to Facebook with an older audience and a more established algorithm. Redbook, an up-and-coming platform, can be compared to Instagram and Pinterest as it brings a much younger audience and rapid growth in trends. 

The Chinese community plays an essential role in Vancouver’s Real Estate market. Given the distinct cultural nuances and behaviours, it's always a challenge to effectively engage with and understand their needs and preferences. Our Chinese Social Media closes this gap by generating specifically designed content for Chinese audience. - Donna An, Marketing Manager & CSM Lead, MLA Canada

As such, we cater to a broad spectrum of interests, ensuring that our content remains relevant and valuable to all who engage with us. By delivering unique and data-driven perspectives catered to our audience, we establish ourselves as thought leaders in the Chinese real estate market.

MLA Canada Chinese Social Media Content

Accessing Insider Content and Intel  

Realtors who follow our WeChat and Redbook accounts can access exclusive content on market trends, new pre-sale launches and insights from our expert MLA Advisory team. 

  • Market Reports and Insights: Our followers have access to our MLA Market Insights so that they can stay up to date with the trends and data that are shaping Vancouver and Canada’s real estate market through pre-sale reports, resale reports and more. 
  • Immersive Presentation Centre Tours: Exclusive presentation centre tours offer our realtors a sneak preview of the newest sales galleries and releases to watch in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley real estate markets. So far, the team has created videos for Baycrest West, O2 Metrotown, Boden, Pura, Block, Komo and Lodana. 
  • Project Live Streams: During these interactive sessions, we can connect with our audience in real time. This year alone, we covered a wide array of topics from real estate market trends to exclusive MLA Project sessions and more. We also intermittently sponsor the Realtors Round Table Social Chat.

Live Streams

Our team of expert curators works tirelessly to analyze data and market trends, ensuring that our audience receives accurate and valuable information.

Reaching New Heights: Continued Growth and Engagement 

With close to 5,000 total followers, our following on WeChat and Redbook continues to grow steadily. The team has seen remarkable engagement rates and livestream viewership, with up to 6000 viewers tuning in each session and an average of 1,500 views for each short video posted on our channels. We’ve received many positive comments on our channels and specific questions regarding each project from completion date to sq ft pricing. These metrics underscore the trust and value our audience places in our content, motivating us to continually raise the bar.

As a pioneering real estate agency in Vancouver, BC, we recognize the immense potential of Chinese social media to foster connections with our Chinese buyers and realtor community. We stand out as the sole agency equipped with an in-house team for short video production and live streaming with language skills. - Donna An, Marketing Manager & CSM Lead, MLA Canada

We invite you to join us on WeChat and Redbook to explore the dynamic world of real estate, gain valuable insights, and become part of a thriving community of realtors and homeowners. 

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