June 7, 2017 Introducing MLA Canada Services Calculated Strategies That Sell Real Estate and Shape Neighbourhoods


Every step of the way MLA Canada advises developers on their projects. Our support can begin at land acquisition or with existing products such as townhouses, low-rise, mixed-use and masterplan communities. As Canada's most robust project marketing and sales organization, MLA Canada’s five core services helps clients through any stage of the development lifecycle.


Our dedicated Advisory team maintains an exhaustive understanding of market intelligence, and works closely with clients providing insight on product design and pricing analysis.


The ability to clearly communicate is imperative to motivating sales. Our devoted MLA Communications team with expertise in Public Relations, Social Media, and Event Planning, offers strategic solutions in their efforts to connect people with homes.


Our industry-leading team collaborates to produce strategies that are detailed, proactive, clever, and creative. From brand and positioning, launch strategy and marketing execution, we always place our client’s objectives and project first.


Our highly-specialized team formulates a clear and logical sales or rental lease-up strategy based on an in-depth understanding of MLA Advisory’s pricing analysis, MLA Communications’ messaging, the product offering, and the marketing campaign. We are experts in helping clients with their sales strategy, sales training and sales management to achieve results.


Recognizing our role as a developer representative, every element of the customer care process is executed with a high degree of dignity, respect, and professionalism. Our Customer Care team is responsible for contract management, customer communication and completion services to ensure developers and their homebuyers are informed.

Discover more about our services and how we ensure project success from beginning to end here.