November 20, 2023 November 2023 Trending Topic: A Discussion on Short-Term Housing Proposals


In this month's Presale Pulse Trending Topic, hosts Brittany Reimer and Suzana Goncalves discuss a significant policy change concerning short-term housing. The discussion delves into the potential impacts on the real estate market, particularly focusing on how Airbnb rental investment properties might be affected.

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This raises concerns regarding the implications for homeowners and the tourism industry. Insights in this video emphasize the crucial role that short-term rentals play in assisting homeowners with high homeownership costs. The conversation draws parallels with similar policies in San Francisco, highlighting a reduction in listings while underscoring the limited effect on overall rental rates.

The complexities of the proposed policy changes are also brought to the forefront, acknowledging the challenges and potential unintended consequences. The narrative emphasizes the intricate balance required to address housing affordability, recognizing the vital support that short-term rentals provide to homeowners and the accessibility they offer to travellers.


  • Intro (0:00) 
  • Proposed Changes (0:58)
  • Insights (2:15)
  • Recent Example: San Fransisco (3:21)
  • Closing (4:58)


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