November 23, 2021 Realtors & Sales Agents Responsibilities in the Pre-Sale Process 

Realtors and Sales Agents: the Division of Responsibilities in the Pre-Sale Process 

As licensed professionals, each MLA Canada team member proudly carries their duties of honesty and reasonable care for everyone involved in the selling process. There are two sides of realty in every pre-sale. One side, which is made up of sales teams such as MLA Canada, represents the developer. When it comes to pre-sale home purchases, it is the job of every sales team to act in the best interest of their developer clients. In order to avoid a conflict of interest, sales teams cannot represent homebuyers at the same time as representing those selling the homes. This is where the other side of realty comes in: a homebuyer’s personal realtor, who represents the needs of the individual purchasing a pre-sale home. For those looking to buy a pre-sale, we strongly recommend seeking a realtor who can support your needs throughout the search and purchase process. 

Realtors: operating on your behalf 

When you enlist a personal realtor to support your pre-sale journey, you are securing a representative who will work on behalf of your best interests and who is accountable to you alone. Your realtor is responsible for operating on your behalf to learn about prospective pre-sales and advise on the perfect choice. Realtors have a well-rounded knowledge of the market and development comparables along with expertise in contract negotiation. Homebuyers will have someone who can manage the timeline of the deposits, review documentation and contracts, and generally ensure that the process is smooth. What’s more, there is no downside to securing a realtor on a pre-sale; in this case, the realtor’s commission is paid for by the developer, not by the purchaser. It costs the homebuyer no money to employ them.  

There’s another key benefit to working with a realtor when purchasing a pre-sale home. Realtors have access to inside information and VIP sales events at multiple developments. These VIP pre-sale events are by invitation only and offer the best selection and pricing. Often, up to 50% of homes in a new development are sold before sales open to the public. A realtor can provide the homebuyer with information on and access to a VIP preview, ensuring the buyer gets the best deal with the most choice. 

Sales teams:  providing expert knowledge to support the process 

On the other side of the buying experience is the sales team. Sales teams, such as MLA Canada, offer a client relationship to the developer. They are trained experts in all aspects of the homes they help sell, from amenity offerings to finishings options to the specifics of the building’s neighbourhood. As industry professionals, they bring a high standard of project knowledge. These product experts are a phenomenal resource to the homebuyer and will help guide a home purchase. They prepare contracts and communicate any potential offers to the developer. However, sales team members cannot advise the homebuyer on things like price, negotiations, or terms and conditions of offers. Any information shared with a sales team would not be considered confidential. MLA Canada’s sales team members are licensed professionals who work with honesty and care throughout the pre-sale purchase process.  They bring a high duty of care and professional conduct to every customer interaction. 

If you are considering a pre-sale home purchase, take full advantage of both real estate teams at your disposal. Secure a personal realtor – at no cost to you – for a representative that has your interests front of mind. Then, tap into the expertise and knowledge of the sales team to provide all the information you need to purchase your next home. 

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