January 26, 2024 Spotlight on Product Design: Creative Spaces and Modern Amenities


Product design is forever evolving to meet the needs of the modern consumer, and 2024 brings with it its own trends showing up in the market. The MLA Intel Report, which will be released at the end of the month, takes a look at the features and amenities that are shaping the way we think about and use modern living spaces.  

From multi-functional interior designs to community-centric amenities, this is a glimpse into the development trends that are redefining the standards of comfort and convenience in urban homes.  


As seen in: Solhouse 6035
As seen in: Solhouse 6035 by Bosa Properties

With the growing trend of compact living, developers are creatively maximizing space, especially in the kitchen. The kitchen island has become more than just a prep area; it's now a multi-functional hub, serving as a dining space, a workspace, and a social center.  

  • Solhouse 6035 by Bosa Properties: Kitchen islands with built-in seating for two to six people eliminate the need for separate dining areas. Smaller layouts still manage to incorporate designated dining spaces, showcasing the adaptability of design. 
  • Gardena by Intracorp: These kitchens blend functionality and aesthetics, with islands that comfortably seat four, serving both as a preparation area and a communal gathering spot. 
  • Citizen by Anthem Properties: Their innovative multi-tiered kitchen islands double as dining tables, complete with power outlets for added utility. 
  • Highstreet Village by AB Wall: Here, versatile kitchen islands accommodate three to four people while integrating essential kitchen functions like sinks and dishwashers. 


As seen in: One Burrard Place by Reliance Properties
As seen in: One Burrard Place by Reliance Properties

As available space shrinks in size, efficient floorplan designs and smart storage solutions are paramount. Bedroom storage, such as custom closets, overhead shelving and side cabinetry are gaining popularity. Retractable walls and murphy beds add multifunctional convenience to living spaces. 

1. Kitchens:  

  • Unison by Mortise Group: Drawer storage systems for cookware organization and microwaves integrated into islands are leading the way.  
  • SkyLiving by Allure Ventures: Dedicated waste and recycling spaces under the sink and innovative corner shelving solutions maximize cabinetry. 
  • Icon by Ledingham McAllister: Vertical pull-out cabinets offer generous storage, demonstrating creative use of space. 

2. Bedrooms:  

  • The Commons by Zenterra: Custom closet organizers are standard, with drawers, racks and shelving in primary bedroom closets. 
  • Skyliving by Allure Ventures: Custom closets with various configurations also contain automatic built-in lighting. 

3. Living Spaces:  

  • The Saint George and One Burrard Place by Reliance Properties: Murphy bed and dining table combinations allow for maximum space utilization and multi-purpose rooms. 
  • South Yards by Anthem Properties and Lucent by Landa Global Properties: Flexible living spaces are offered through movable or retractable walls, transforming layouts as needed throughout the day. 


As seen in: Lodana by The Circadian Group
As seen in: Lodana by The Circadian Group

Modern amenities are becoming more than just add-ons; they are now essential aspects of residential projects that build community and support wellbeing. 

1. Social Gathering Spaces:  

  • Komo by Strand: A rooftop amenity space with a games room and BBQ area presents opportunities for socialization. 
  • Reign by Wesgroup: A dedicated movie theatre brings together groups for viewing parties and shared experiences. 
  • Lodana by Circadian Group: An expansive outdoor courtyard with various recreational facilities brings a sense of community through games and collaboration. 

These are just a few highlights of what we’ve seen coming down the pipeline in 2024. For a more detailed exploration of these trends and their impact on the market, look forward to our upcoming edition of the MLA Intel Report launching at the end of the month. 

2. Wellness Trends:  

Komo by Strand: Wellness trends are embraced with relaxation and fitness amenities such as hot and cool plunge pools.  Solhouse 6035 by Bosa Properties: A steam room, sauna and indoor/outdoor relaxation spaces, in addition to hot and cool plunge pools, give a full wellbeing experience right in the home. 

3. Workplace Amenities:  

Gardena by Intracorp: Working pods and podcast rooms are incorporated to serve modern professionals.  Burquitlam Park District by Intergulf: A multifunctional hub with co-working spaces and entertainment rooms is built out for remote and hybrid workers.  

4. Activity-Specific Areas:  

South Yards by Anthem: A Bocce ball court and putting green make for an active environment.  Talister by Polygon: The multi-sport court stands out as a way to cater to diverse resident interests.  Curv by Henson Developments and Brivia Group: A golf simulator adds an interactive and recreational dimension to amenities.  


Our yearly report, MLA Intel, will be released later this month a deep analysis of the real estate landscape for the coming year. Keep an eye out at mlacanada.ca or sign-up for Newswire to be the first to read the soon-to-drop report.