September 17, 2018 Upgrades Can Make Your Home Your Own


When deciding to buy a pre-sale home, one of the things that appeals to buyers is the amount of details you can choose to make personal to you—without the uncertainty of having to manage a renovation or build yourself. Unlike a resale purchase, when you’re locked into the choices the previous owners made, here you get to be the decider of your home’s destiny. This can affect big things like the floorplan you choose, to smaller details like the colour of finishings you select, or the upgrade options you select for your pre-sale home.
Upgrade options can be one of the costs associated with buying a home that catch purchasers off guard. Common advice is to budget about three to five per cent of the purchase price of your home for upgrade options. Why isn’t everything already included in your base home price? Nowadays developers are wanting to cater to specific buyers needs and preferences—with such a range of products on the market, and a range of purchasers, not everyone has the same desires when it comes to amenities, storage, and other custom options. Of course, developers also want to give their home buyers the option of stepping into a purchase that fits their needs and price range.
There are several projects on the market today that are offering upgrade options to their purchasers. Two currently selling Cressey Development Group projects are allowing buyers to make special touches in their unit. At Chelsea, upgrade options include a built-in coffee maker, or even selecting a wine fridge for those with an extensive wine collection. At Hensley in West Coquitlam, options range from a shower upgrade to Nu-Heat Flooring.
In North Vancouver, Crest by Adera is committed to letting buyers put their personal touch on their future home. Their program, "i.D. By Me" gives purchasers the freedom to be creative and an opportunity to be their own interior designer. Options that buyers can choose from include air conditioning, closet upgrades, as well as custom millwork options to increase the efficiency of condo living such as wall units and dining buffets. Click here to find out more about i.D. By Me.
Choosing to upgrade features in your new unit will add to the purchase price of your home down the road. Being strategic when investing in your pre-sale home can be a smart choice to boost the resale value of your home as well as allowing your new place to feel like the perfect representation of you.
PHOTO // North Vancouver’s Crest by Adera offers home personalization and with the Ultimate Kitchen package quality options include appliance upgrades, Caesarstone countertops, and Kohler Evoke faucet. 

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