January 27, 2022 Evolving to Meet Modern Needs: the Advancement of Amenities  

Evolving to Meet Modern Needs: the Advancement of Amenities  

Today’s pre-sale homebuyer is in a prime position to take advantage of the evolution of complex amenities in new developments.  Amenities have advanced and expanded exponentially in recent years to meet the needs of the modern consumer. An increased focus on health, wellness and technology has resulted in more comfortable and convenient options for owners. Developers continue to apply feedback and iterate their amenities offerings in order to build desirable, livable homes with meaningful offerings. 

A changing workplace emphasizes the home  

The COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example of how the use of space can evolve over time. With more people working from home than ever before, the role that living spaces must play has also changed. More people are spending more time within their own homes, rather than shared spaces such as the office. One example of this is the expansion of work-from-home areas, turning dens into offices or designing office nooks in under-utilized space.

Evolving to Meet Modern Needs: the Advancement of Amenities  

Redbridge by Kingswood Properties in Squamish has installed flexible spaces that can be used for remote work; a nook off the main living area can house a small desk, or the den space within the same home can be turned into a larger home office. For those who desire more interaction in a safe setting, on-site shared workspaces are becoming increasingly common.

Evolving to Meet Modern Needs: the Advancement of Amenities  

Autograph by Pennyfarthing, now sold out, features a library amenity space with individual-use workpods for quiet and safe productivity, steps from home. They support this experience with task lighting and shared high-speed wireless internet. In warmer months, residents can even take their online meetings in the shared courtyard at communal tables.  

Health and wellness  

Environment affects ephysical and mental wellbeing, and given that we each spend, on average, 90% of our time indoors, the home is undeniably the most influential of environments. Buildings and interior spaces have a major influence on health outcomes—and every design decision has the potential to benefit our wellbeing. With growing awareness of the importance of incorporating health and wellness into everyday life, developments have followed suit.

Evolving to Meet Modern Needs: the Advancement of Amenities  

Health and wellness amenities have become an increasingly demanded aspect for new properties. O2 by Keltic created their homes and accompanying amenities to be a sophisticated wellness community with this priority in mind. Health-inspired residences with evidence-based building techniques incorporate design features that measurably improve air quality, water purity and overall health. O2 brings a first-of-its-kind living experience: a place where health is at the forefront and wellness is integrated throughout. Indoors, an air purification system, water filtration system and spa-like steam showers benefit general wellbeing.

Evolving to Meet Modern Needs: the Advancement of Amenities  

Outdoors, vibrant parks, pedestrian-friendly walking trails and elevated amenities support a healthy, intentional lifestyle. In Langley, Ellery by Isle of Mann selected to emphasize wellness with lush rooftop garden plots that have an outdoor social lounge and expansive, relaxing views. Wellness-inspired businesses on the ground floor were thoughtfully designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, steps from home. 

The increasing role of technology in home convenience  

Technology has allowed not only a reinvention of how you buy a home, but the way you live in it. Residents at Autograph can tap into the latest in smart home technologies, such as the 1Valet home system. 1Valet is a simple app that enables facial recognition with video intercom and contactless entry from your cell phone. An in-home iPad provides extra control and the latest lighting control technology from Leviton. Both Autograph and Block by Amacon offer a secure parcel delivery room complete with smartphone notifications, providing a safe place for packages to await their pickup and easy access at any time. 

Increasingly, developers are demonstrating that they are listening to the changing wants and needs of the homeowner by providing updated amenities. From health and wellness aspects to technologically forward conveniences, homebuyers are seeing more value in each new home purchase along with the ability to enjoy meaningful, modern amenities.  

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