December 22, 2021 Making the most of a presentation centre  

Making the most of a presentation centre  

For the most part, homeowners want to leave a presentation centre armed with the information needed to continue their purchasing journey, but many fail to know the right questions to ask when doing so. Below we cover the type of questions to ask and the tools to bring to a presentation centre so that you can gain the right information during your visit. 

The benefits of visiting a presentation centre 

A visit to a presentation centre provides a potential homebuyer with the vision of a project. Presentation centres are professionally designed to communicate the lifestyle that a new development will provide, presenting a better understanding of the vision in both internal and external features and layouts than documents alone can. The centre showcases the pre-sale project at large, individual example show homes, and the sales team that is representing the project.  

Who to go with and what to bring 

Bring a trusted friend or family member with you to the presentation centre to share in the experience and help with your decision making process. In addition, bring a realtor to the presentation centre with you as chances are your realtor can assist you in the finding the best options for your specific list of wants and needs. 

Bringing a pen and paper is always your best bet. Ask questions, take notes and discuss with your companions to make sure you’re maximizing your best options.  

What to ask  

Knowing which questions to ask is key to establishing better peace of mind as a potential homebuyer. Below, we’ve compiled a list of useful questions you can bring forward.  

What’s included in the starting price? 

You probably have a budget in mind before stepping into the presentation centre, so don’t be afraid to ask about pricing right off the bat. 

When it comes to starting prices, you also need to know which features and finishes your new home will come with. There’s a good chance the sales centre will have a model suite or suite vignettes, or it may actually be located in a model home. If you have the opportunity to tour a model, ask whether the finishes seen are upgrades or standard.

What floor plans are available? 

If you’re at a relatively new presentation centre opening, the answer will likely be “all of them.” However, we still encourage you to inquire, especially if you have a certain plan in mind or are a novice homebuyer. 

This information will help you determine whether or not you need to stick around at the site. If what you’re looking for is available, then jump on it. If not, continue your home hunt. 

What colour schemes are available? 

Nine times out of ten, you have a colour scheme in mind when entering a presentation centre, so again, go ahead and ask what’s available. Although it may seem like a relatively easy change, homebuyers can be particularly sensitive to colour scheme selections.  

Purchasing a pre-sale home has many benefits including colour scheme options, customizations, possibility to spread out deposits and much more. Pre-sale also provides you the opportunity to plan ahead, allowing you the time to budget. 

What does the deposit schedule look like? 

Generally speaking, you need a deposit to secure your unit. The good news is your deposit structure is paid out over time, so you won’t need to have all the full deposit available upfront. 

Before you sign an agreement to purchase, ask if you’re able rescind your offer with no fear of penalties. If a timeline is given, most people take this time to have their lawyer review the contract and to get pre-approval from a mortgage lender, which is usually a requirement from the builder. 

What are the strata fees? 

Your monthly strata fee is an amount that the strata corporation uses to pay the common expenses of the development. Your individual fee is assessed by taking the total cost of the strata's expenses and dividing that by the unit entitlement of your strata lot. Be sure to inquire, so you’re able to budget effectively for your new home. 

Overall, your presentation centre visit should be an exciting opportunity to learn as much as you can about your new home purchase. Don’t have time to visit one? Consider learning more about how you can shop online for your pre-sale home instead.