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Getting Real on Housing Affordability

THE COMPLEXITY OF HOUSING AFFORDABILITY: PART 2 Over the past few years, housing affordability in Canada's major cities has emerged as a significant topic in both discussions and public policy. MLA Canada is currently undertaking a three-part series to delve into the intricacies of this issue. In
The Rise of Modular Design in Pre-Sale Homes

The Rise of Modular Design in Pre-Sale Homes

1 year ago
With the continual advancement of technology and the need for thoughtfully designed homes, we've seen more flexibility put in the hands of homebuyers in terms of what they want from their living spaces. In addition, as prices continue to increase, many homebuyers are demanding more utility out of
MLA Canada

Storytelling Through Design

2 years ago
The Real Estate Intelligent interview series features BC's most prolific professionals shaping the local real estate industry. An Interview with Ste. Marie's Craig Stanghetta Particularly in a booming real estate market like here in the Lower Mainland, both the demographic and needs of the average

The Luxurious Convenience of Penthouse Living

4 years ago
It’s no secret that Vancouver boasts a wealth of nature, indoor and outdoor activities as well as entertainment and award-winning restaurants. If you prefer the condominium lifestyle but are resistant to sacrificing space, penthouse living could offer you a perfect blend of luxury living and lock