March 21, 2023 Forecast: Pre-Sale Pricing, Project Feasibility, Policy, Absorption and Interest Rates


In this episode of March 2023's Trending Topic, Ryan Lalonde, Brittany Reimer, and Suzana Goncalves dive into the big issues and questions around sales, inventory, project feasibility, and interest rates. This fireside chat follows up with their own big predictions for 2023 while reflecting on last month's "This Year in Real Estate" panel event. 

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  • Where's The Market Today? (1:33)
  • Policy - Will The 3-Day Rescission Period Be Effective? (2:56)
  • Will We See Any further Failed Programs (Projects) in 2023? (6:10)
  • Where Do You See Resale And Pre-Sale Prices Moving Over This Next Year? (9:30)
  • How Many Pre-Sale Homes Will Come To Market in 2023? (14:50)
  • Where Do You Predict Interest Rates Will Be For The Remainder Of 2023? (17:30)
  • Double Digit Price Appreciation From 2023-2024? (17:48)
  • Are Pre-Sale Prices Holding In This Market? (20:15)
  • Will We See Rate Increases This Year? (20:50)
  • Closing (22:30)


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